What they’re saying

Our Leonberger, Harley has been going to Bow Wow twice a week since he was 6 months old and is now 5. Also when we go on vacation his second home is Bow Wow. He gets so excited when we turn into the driveway and when I pick him up at the end of the day he is asleep on the back seat before we get back onto the highway. There is no better place for him and the Bow Wow team is wonderful. Harley has been on the Rawganic food produced on site for the last 2 years and we have noticed an improvement in his appetite, gloss on his fur and energy levels. Not that they were bad before but I always wondered if raw was better and he loves all flavours on offer as well as the treats. We love Bow Wow and the amazing team that look after our furry four legged family member but more important Harley loves going. We could not be happier :).

“Our dog Ozzy jumps for joy every time we bring him to Bow Wow. The staff there are caring and take the time to ensure that he has a fun time while he is there. There is so much space for all the dogs to run and play, as well as a pond for swimming. Ozzy makes good use of the running grounds and the pond, and comes home well exercised after spending the day at Bow Wow. Ozzy also loves the Rawganic food line offered at Bow Wow. Since he started eating the raw dog food, we found that his stools no longer smell and they disintegrate easily into the earth. He wags his tail and salivates every time he sees us preparing his meals with Rawganic dog food.”