• We specialize in providing food for dogs with allergies
  • We provide the highest quality food at competitive prices
  • We use only locally sourced, organic materials straight from the farm
  • Our fruits and vegetables are low glycemic
  • Our meat is sourced from federally/provincially inspected facilities
  • All our products are created by hand from start to finish
  • All of our dinners are made on-site in a clean, temperature-regulated facility, so we maintain pristine quality control throughout the entire blending process
  • Our dinners come in convenient 2lb loaves or 4 ounce patties, which makes storing them in the freezer much easier than using bulky containers
  • We will do custom orders if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to an item in any of our blends
  • We will deliver within the GTA for orders over $200
  • If you pick up directly from us, your dog can go for a run in our off-leash park and we will monitor your dog’s weight and progress, and make recommendations on portion amounts if needed
  • Our dinners have all the ingredients your dog needs- just thaw and serve!

With experience working with dogs of all sizes and breeds at our country club, we have extensive experience in monitoring reactions to the raw diet and impacts on weight. Along with all the benefits of a raw diet, our team is available to support you during your dog’s transition to raw. We are available to answer any of your questions by phone, email, or in person.